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Industrial Sewer Cleaning Trucks, Vacuum Excavators and Hydro Excavators

Vac-Con® delivers more power and value than the competition. All Vac-Con® products come fully loaded with a powerful package of innovative features. For more power, flawless ease of use, relentless performance, rugged durability and un-compromised safety, Vac-Con® delivers.

Combination Machine:
The Combination Machine has a hydraulically operated front mounted hose reel with polyethylene water tanks and a high capacity water pump.

Industrial Vacuum Loader:
The Industrial Vacuum Loader has twin cyclone bag houses with 13 cartridge filters and an automatic vacuum breaker with a hose retainer assembly.

The Hydro Excavator is equipped with a hydrostatic drive and water systems up to 4,000 psi. It can handle the toughest and most challenging excavating jobs with ease.

Hot Shot Jet Rodders:
These machines are equipped with a non- corrosive, non- metallic polyethylene water tank and are ideal for removing stones, bottles, cans and other debris from sanitary sewer and/or storm drains.


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