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Industrial Vacuum Trucks & Loaders

In today's cleaning industry, an industrial vacuuming truck serves a range of purposes, including:

  • Sanitizing sewers by sucking out all the dislodged debris through water pressure or vacuuming
  • Cleaning storm drains
  • Cleaning catch basins and containment pits
  • Help with hydro excavation

Most of these trucks will have an on-board system of water pressure and vacuum that flows at different rates to help clean up. The debris is sucked in and then easily dumped into the debris tank or another type of holding body.

Industrial vacuum loaders help with the cleaning of dry, powder–like debris such as fly ash or cement powder at industry sites. If vacuumed using a regular vacuum truck, a cloud of dust may be released into the air. To prevent this from happening, the industrial vacuum loader is used. It possesses special filtration processes that ensure all of the powder is broken down and nothing goes into the air.

Industrial vacuum trucks have other components such as cyclones, drop boxes, and more to ensure that anything being done is safe for the environment and the personnel manning the machine.

The capacity of these industrial vacuum trucks is significantly enhanced with positive displacement blowers. These blowers allow the machine to pull debris from as far as 700ft or even more.

These machines are largely used in coal-based power plants, mines, as well as corn-producing plants. There are several other industrial set-ups that release large quantities of powder-like substances as a by-product. All of these need to be cleaned and maintained. These trucks come with pressurized water hoses and vacuums that help with such maintenance work on industrial sites. Besides, they are fitted with several new additions that help make work easier in the long run.

Such water- and vacuum-based industrial cleaning machines may also come with specialized features to cope with the demands of an ever-evolving industrial market. These are products that enhance the efficiency of any manufacturing and maintenance unit.

Standard Equipment:

  • Industrial Vacuum Loaders & TrucksRoots PD Blower (1021DVJ or RASJ1024)
  • Transfer case driven
  • 3/16″ Corten steel 16 cubic yard debris tank with ladder
  • Twin cyclone baghouses with 13 cartridge filters each
    (total 26)
  • Automatic vacuum breaker
  • Hydraulic rear door locks and door opener
  • 8″ butterfly valve at bottom of baghouses
  • 8″ suction hose with female end and bandlock (reinforced double cuffed)
  • Hose retainer assembly
  • Silencer Air Cannon
  • Large final strainer and blower access door
  • ICC lighting
  • DuPont Imron 5000 polyurethane paint
  • Warranty - see warranty certificate