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Customer Service

Whether you have questions about parts or technical service, well-trained and dedicated personnel are standing by throughout the Vac-Con® network of dealers and service providers to assist you. The Vac-Con® Customer Service Department will identify and meet your needs NOW, by providing service and information in a manner which maintains our reputation of being the best service provider, not only in our industry, but among all manufacturers.

Service Support

Our manufacturing records date back to the first unit produced in 1986. We have the capabilities of providing you with technical service documents and parts for every single unit we have produced. Obsolescence is not a factor in our ability to support our dealers or provide service and parts for your Vac-Con® equipment, regardless of age.

Customer Training

Vac-Con® takes pride in having the most competent and well-trained dealer network in the industry. In addition to dealer training, Vac-Con® schedules schools throughout each year, which are available to our customers as well. We extensively train your personnel in the maintenance, repair and operation of our equipment. The courses consist of two day training seminars designed to improve communication and knowledge for your operators and technicians. The courses consist of all periodic maintenance as well as safety and troubleshooting instruction, specific repair procedures and effective operating practices. Below is a list of schedule training dates at Vac-Con®. Please contact your dealer to reserve your spot today.

Vac-Con® Service Schools

Cost to the Dealer:

  • $500 per class
  • Expenses (flight, meals, hotel, rental car, etc.)
  • Service Manuals in 2012 will be $12.00 per manual. (our cost)

If you have any questions, please contact Mike Kautz @ (904) 529-1372


Vac-Con® offers re-manufacturing services for major components and complete machines. We are capable of providing re-manufactured components complete with warranties. Vac-Con® offers re-manufacturing programs designed to fit your maintenance and budget schedules. A Bronze, Silver or Gold package will breathe new life into your Vac-Con® machine. Please contact your dealer for program details and pricing.