FS3000 Flood Truck

Vac-Con®’s Done it Again!

When one of Vac-Con®’s customers came to Vac-Con® with a request to make a Truck mounted Flood Truck we responded as we always do, “What can we do to help”. Vac-Con® used our world renown hydrostatic drive system to power a 3000 gpm automatic self priming pump system. When roads flood this unit is quick to respond and quickly clears flooded areas.

Hydrostatic Pump Drive

Hydrostatic pump and motor drive using a closed loop Rexroth hydrostatic 125cc piston pump and 125cc bend axis piston motor. Pump is transfer case / PTO driven.

Hydraulic Submersible Pump

Two submersible pumps, 4 inch discharge ports, solids handling to 1-7/8 in., dry running, oil lubricated mechanical seals. Open loop hydraulic driven pump. 500 gpm at 2600 rpm and 75 ft. of head pressure. Maximum horsepower is 30 bhp at full flow and pressure.

Two Hydraulic Reels

Two hydraulic reels are used to power submersible pumps, 100 feet of twin line 1/2 inch hydraulic hose with quick couplings. Variable speed adjustment for oil flow.

Main 3000 gpm Pump

Dri-prime, automatic self priming up to 28 ft. Eight inch suction and discharge ports will pass solids up to 3-1/8 in., dry running oil bath bearings with mechanical seals, hydrostatically driven, 11-3/8 in. impellor. Performance specifications: 300 gpm at 2200 rpm and 80 feet of head pressure, maximum working pressure is 78 psi. Maximum horsepower to 170 bhp at full flow and pressure


Tool boxes are available for mounting on both sides of the truck.


Customer Service/Factory Service/Parts and Training

At Vac-Con®, customer service is the #1 priority. Every Vac-Con® employee realizes that if the customer has a problem it has to be solved as fast as possible. No excuses. You don’t go through a voice mail service, and your call will be expedited to the individual that can help you. Just call 904-284- 4200. The parts department considers an order ‘on-time’ if it’s out the door in 24 hours. Vac-Con®’s worldwide dealer network is comprised of industry professionals who understand Vac-Con®’s products and how they meet customer needs.