Dual Engine PD Combination Machine

Vac-Con®'s Two - Engine PD Machine puts the Power Where You Need it!

Only Vac-Con® combines the flexibility of two-engine design with the versatility of a positive displacement blower. Consistent with its other designs, Vac-Con® uses the chassis engine to drive the vacuum system. Using standard hydrostatic drive, this design can power PD blowers up to 27” Hg with ease. With water systems up to 3000 psi and 120 gpm, available filtration, excavating, T.V. and Hi-Dump options, this is truly a “go anywhere, do anything” machine.

Vacuum Drive System

  • Hydrostatic variable displacement piston pump driven by chassis engine
  • Hydrostatic fixed displacement piston motor
  • Vac SystemsHydraulically driven heat exchanger fan
  • 110-190º F operation ranges at 90º F ambient temperature
  • Torsional soft coupling
  • Multi-stage hydraulic filtration system

Vacuum System

  • Positive displacement blower
  • Standard vacuum rating: 16” Hg at 3600 CFM
  • Dual relief valves
  • Low point drain in plenum
  • Standard vacuum gauge conveniently mounted
  • Optional PD Blowers:
    – Vacuum rating: 15” Hg at 2950 CFM
    – Vacuum rating: 16” Hg at 4200 CFM
    – Vacuum rating: 27” Hg at 1250 CFM

Automatic Vacuum Breaker Shut-Off and Filtration

  • Vacuum Breaker
    – System automatically stops air flow to prevent over filling and carry-over during transport
    – Can be manually controlled from front operator station or with available wireless remote for operator safety
  • Filtration
    – Dual port separation with dual stainless steel micro screens
    – Centrifugal final filter with easy access inspection door
    – Cyclone separator available as required
  • Available baghouse with cartridge filters
  • Bag option for final filter

Auxiliary Engine Water Pump Drive System

  • Diesel engine: 4 cylinder
    – 6 cylinder optional
  • Fully independent operation of vacuum and water systems
  • Allows continuous water circulation in motion or resting
  • Front operator station controls
  • 5 yr warranty on drive system (excludes engine and pump)

Water System

  • Systems up to 3000 psi and 120 gpm with smooth continuous flow and pressure
  • Available Hydro-Excavation Package
  • Available winter recirculation
  • Available air purge system
Required Horsepower
Blower: 16" Hg at 3600 CFM
Water Pump: 80 GPM at 2000 PSI
Hydraulic Pump (full operating)
Miscellaneous Chassis Accessories:
Alternator/Cooling Fan/Pump/Air Compressor
Total Horsepower
*Add 25 HP for 16" Hg at 4200 CFM

Vac-Con®’s PD Combination Machine is easy to operate, safe, durable and outperforms the competition. All backed by Power Up customer support, and our dedicated dealer network brings more power to you®.