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Combination Machine Series

Vac-Con® delivers more power and value than the competition.

Only a Vac-Con® comes fully loaded with a powerful package of thoughtful features.

For more power, flawless ease of use, relentless performance, rugged durability and uncompromisable safety…Vac-Con® delivers.

More Uptime - Vac-Con® machines are so durable they stay on the job longer
More Proof - Vac-Con®’s technology always delivers better equipment and solutions
More Success - Vac-Con® machines allow you to load faster, last longer, and do the job better
More Confidence - With Vac-Con® you just know that you can always do more

Hydrostatic Drive

Ease of Operation

We design every product with more ease of operation in mind by integrating important extras including …

  • Hydrostatic drive
  • Single station controls
  • Wireless remote
  • Telescoping boom up to 10’, 270º rotation
  • Articulating hose reel


We power up performance without compromising safety by ensuring that the industry’s best safety features are all included as standard equipment.

  • Hydraulic rear door locks
  • Automatic vacuum breaker
  • Reflective striping
  • Hydraulic safety interlock
  • Emergency shut down


We pack a punch that delivers more power to you® by keeping performance prominent with power-conscious features like our …

  • 3-stage centrifugal compressor
  • 27” Corten® steel fans in compressor
  • Articulating hose reel
  • 2-engine design allows totally independent control of vacuum and water system
  • Hydrostatic Blower drive


We ensure Vac-Con® machines resist the worst wear and tear by using only the highest quality materials.

  • Corten® steel body and compressor parts
  • Centrifugal separator with clean out
  • Deflector shield in debris body
  • Cross-linked polyethylene water tanks
  • Welded fan components

Vac-Con®'s Features are Better by Design

Compressor System Performs on the Job and Under Water

Vac-Con®’s unique 3-stage compressor simply loads faster than any other fan on the market. Increasing both vertical and horizontal pull, this powerful system develops 200” (H20) of vacuum to perform the toughest jobs, like vacuuming underwater without special attachments. It is backed by a five-year warranty.

Hydrostatic Drive makes the Operator's Life Easier

Using the Vac-Con® chassis engine with hydrostatic drive for the vacuum is a more efficient system because it’s less complicated and eliminates the need for cumbersome PTO, clutch, and gearbox operation. It will allow the operator to focus on getting the job done. We don’t believe that you should have to work hard to make the machine work hard!

Dual Engine Design Raises the Power

Vac-Con®’s unique 2-engine design uses the chassis engine to drive the vacuum where you really need the power. The auxiliary engine drives the water system which delivers continuous, complete water recirculation whether you’re in motion or resting. This 2-engine design allows the convenience of truly independent vacuum and water system operation.

Vac-Con® Water Tanks are there for the Long Haul

Constructed of durable cross-linked polyethylene, these tanks resist damage from impact, are not affected by the elements or corrosion, and are easily maintained. We are so confident, we offer a standard ten-year warranty.

Corten® Steel Debris Tank is more Durable and Resists Rust and Corrosion

All Vac-Con® debris tanks are made of Corten® steel, a high strength, low-alloy steel, developed and proven in vacuum loader applications to resist corrosion and abrasion. The debris tank door is securely fastened by hydraulic door locks and is controlled from the side of the truck for optimum safety and… it’s backed by a five-year warranty.

Combination Machine Series

Our "Standard" Package comes Fully Loaded

1 Hydraulically Operated, Front-Mounted Hose Reel
2 Operating Controls In Front
3 Hose Rewind Guide
4 Connection For High-Pressure Handgun
5 Polyethylene Water Tanks, Low Center Of Gravity
6 High Capacity Water Pump
7 Lubrication Chart
8 Debris Body Dump Control On Side Of Truck
9 Centrifugal Compressor, With Welded Corten® Steel Fans
10 Centrifugal Separator & Clean-Out
11 Hinged Door, Fully Opening With Hydraulic Door Locks
12 Butterfly Drain Valve & Hose
13 Corten® Steel Debris Tank
14 External Load Indicator
15 Exclusive Automatic Vacuum Breaker Shut Off System
16 Auxiliary Engine For Independent Water System Operation
17 Hydraulic Boom Rotates Up To 270º
18 Weather-Tight Tool Boxes With Locks
19 Transport Cradle For Boom


Hydrostatic Drive
Articulating Hose Reel
3-Stage Centrifugal Compressor
6’ or 10’ Telescoping Boom
Hydro-Excavation Package
Wireless Remote
Variable Flow Water System
Hydraulic Pump-Off Systems
Positive Displacement Blowers

See what more you can do with Inspector Cam by Vac-Con®

When you can see the problem you can do so much more with a Vac-Con® combo machine. Conveniently mounted and easy to use, Inspector Cam allows you to inspect and deal with broken pipes, protruding laterals, off-grade pipes, leaking joints, recessed taps, root infiltration and much more. Inspector Cam can be enhanced with video recording and on-screen footage and titling features.

Power Up

Our Power Up customer support is dedicated to serving your needs and since we have the highest rated customer support program in the industry, you always get exactly what you need. Whether it’s parts, technical service or maintenance training, Vac-Con®’s Power Up customer support people get it done… right away.

Every Vac-Con® is backed by Power Up Customer Support

No matter what you need, our mission is to help you on the spot. We go the extra mile to get you back on the job as soon as humanly possible. Vac-Con®’s part tracking software ensures that we have in inventory all the parts you need when you need them. We have a dedicated service facility for all warranty work, local repairs, and refurbishing work.

Power Up gives you:

  • 26,000 square foot service department
  • Training center with expert instructors
  • 24/7 real person support help line
  • Over $5 million in parts inventory
  • 24 hour parts shipment turnaround

The Best part about Vac-Con® is the Human Factor

While we build the best machines available in the industry, it’s our people who really make the difference. That’s because our people always take the extra step and always go above and beyond to make sure you have exactly what you need to get the job done. The human factor also extends to our dealer network of:

  • US dealers for all 50 states
  • Canadian dealers for all provinces
  • International dealers in most countries

Vac-Con® makes Leasing Easy

Our Ultimate Leasing Program uses creative financial solutions that maximize your working capital and:

  • 100% leasing allows you to add all the options you really need
  • Fixed rate financing lets you plan with no surprises
  • Simplifies your accounting and tax reporting
  • Keeps your credit lines intact

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