The Advantage of Hydro Excavation

The word excavation is generally used when referring to archaeology. It is defined as the exposure, processing and recording of archaeological remains. Archaeological excavation is a time consuming process which can often take several years.

In the late 1800s gold rushers from California developed a controlled excavation practice in order to mine gold. This included the use of use steam pump-pressurized water to erode land masses, and then screen the slurry to capture the gold. This was quite an unsafe practice and would often lead to many fatalities.

With development in technology, controlled excavations can now be performed by a much safer and faster process called hydro excavation. The process of removing or moving soil with pressurized water is known as hydro excavation and the equipment used for this are known as hydro excavators. Continue reading

Who We Are – Vacuum Truck Leaders

Once again our service guru, Mike Selby, has outdone himself. He wants to let the world know who we are, so here it is.

Vac-Con was started in 1986 with two simple concepts; provide the customer with a quality machine at a lower price and make the machine the easiest to operate and maintain. 27 years later and with almost 7000 machines in the marketplace, these two key concepts still remain at the forefront of our mission.

The Vac-Con combination machine employs a two engine design that is engineered with the operator’s safety and comfort in mind. The deck mounted auxiliary engine drives the water system. Our water systems flow anywhere from 10 gallons per minute to 120 gallons per minute and require from 28 to 170 horsepower. Using the auxiliary engine to drive the water system allows the chassis engine to remain at idle during flushing, which reduces fuel usage, reduces heat that the operator is subjected to, reduces noise and, with the front operators station, enhances the overall safety of the operator by keeping them out of oncoming traffic. Currently Vac-Con offers two types of auxiliary engines, a 140 horsepower diesel engine or a 220 horsepower V-10 gasoline engine, and with the optional hydraulic pump installed, Continue reading

How to Unblock a Sewer with Sewer Jetting Trucks

The importance of employing appropriate sewer cleaning practices, whether in your home, factory or city cannot be undermined. A well maintained sewer goes a long way in improving health and cleanliness.

There are various types of material that can clog the sewer. These include tree roots, sludge, minerals, dirt, grease, and sand.

Sewer Jetting Truck from Vac-Con®

The process of unclogging the sewer is known as sewer jetting. Specialized vehicles used to clean sewers are known as sewer cleaning trucks. A typical sewer cleaning truck should be able to remove sand, stones, bottles, trash, grease, sludge, roots and other debris from sanitary sewers and storm drain pipes, manholes, inlets and vaults.

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